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Major Malfunction: Part Five

So, what’s the solution? I don’t think this is the type of problem that you can truly “solve,” but I can tell you what I’ve tried to do within my personal sphere of influence to manage the problem.

Major Malfunction: Part Four

Why is it that Army senior leaders act surprised every time they drop thousands of dollars and man-hours on fancy studies just to learn what everyone’s been saying already: The system is broken!

Major Malfunction: Part Three

This is what I’ve learned: long-range planning is largely futile. It’s an unfortunate truth. A plan provides a commonly understood frame of reference from which to adjust: Yes. Planning in itself is training: Yes.

Major Malfunction: Part Two

As I leave company command, this is something that has troubled me the entire time. I continued to wonder why predictability seemed so incredibly difficult to grasp in my organization. It slipped through my fingers…

Major Malfunction: Part One

Let’s face it: we have a problem. A pretty significant one. The Army is an extraordinary organization with some extremely devoted, impressive people. Despite this, an issue that has continually plagued our organization for years…

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So as I’m doing all of this research to plan my transition out of the active duty Army, I did a lot of introspection and analysis on what was driving me away from the Army. Maybe…

The Individual Ready Reserves

So really, if you are considering resigning your commission and getting out of the Army, want some more freedom and flexibility but maybe are still unsure about getting out of the Army completely, and the…