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From obscure military career opportunities, leadership, van life, and conservation; to how veterans can transition to outdoor careers, this website is a collection of writings containing useful information, resources, and perspectives. Ultimately, A Captain’s Log is meant to serve others with quality pieces that empower people and provide educational value. 

I’ve really put a lot of time and effort into this project, and I’m genuinely trying to contribute in a way that’s thoughtful and constructive. While I recognize that there are limits to my experience and understanding, the best I can do is to share what I have to offer with the hope that it resonates with you.


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I’m venturing into uncharted territory as I transition out of the US Army after eight years on active duty. As I started down this path, I began to document everything. First, I spent just under a year living in my overlanding van and traveling the US. Then I spent over a year working on different conservation and community development projects around the world trying to determine where I can best contribute. Now I’m living in Hawaiʻi while in a master’s program where my research interests are the professionalization of wildlife rangers and community-based conservation.

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Web Design & Development

I’ve recently started using my website skills for clients who want to build an online presence. Now, we’re providing consultation, design, and development services for your company’s website and digital footprint. Site coming soon.

Post-Mil Transition Guidance

A balanced approach to your military transition. Currently in development with Sophie Hilaire, our goal is to help people transition out of the military into unconventional, nature-based careers and lifestyles. 

Writing, Research, & Education

Have an educational military/veteran topic you think would be beneficial for people? Or do you have updated or more accurate information related to one of my articles? Feel free to hit me up!

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I’ve been on the move now for over two years and so much has happened! From motorbiking misty mountains in Thailand, lying in the sand with nesting sea turtles at 2am under a full moon, to learning about beekeeping to mitigate human-elephant conflict in Kenya… I have a lot to share.

I don’t write frequently enough or have the energy to keep an email subscription list, so if you’re trying to keep an eye out for new articles, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram, where I share more frequent updates. LinkedIn works too for all of the social media haters.

Writing and keeping this site going is incredibly time-consuming, so engaging with me on social media helps me understand the demand for this content and how I can try to better address knowledge gaps and write in a way that’s useful for people. If you want to support my work, feel free to engage with me there.