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Photo Credit:, photo by Spc. Christian Carrillo.

September 19, 2019

I changed out of command and began work on SFL-TAP as soon as the Coronavirus apocalypse hit Washington. 

Shortly after, all business became remote. Fortunately for me and countless others, SFL-TAP already had an existing digital infrastructure established for people to complete SFL-TAP courses online. God bless you, JKO.

All of the information I’ve included below is directly copied from the SFL-TAP information sheet I received from my SFL-TAP counselor. I just figured it would be easy for me to put it online for anyone to access, even if you’re not enrolled in SFL-TAP yet or aren’t separating soon. You can get started on these courses early if you want to!

Directions for accessing SFL-TAP courses on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) (As of 19 December 2019)

You can now complete all required SFL-TAP courses online through the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) website. If you choose to complete online courses, please remember to print your certificate of completion and present it to SFL-TAP staff in order to receive credit for completing the course. Follow these procedures to login to the JKO Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and access SFL-TAP courses.

How do I find the courses?

Go to and click “Ok” on the DoD Warning Banner. Select “Login using my CAC” and select your current CAC certificate in the “Select Certificate” pop up box and click “Ok.” Find courses in JKO by clicking the “Course Catalog” tab at top of the page. Use the drop-down menu below the search button to select “TGPS” then click the “Search” button. All SFL-TAP courses will display.

  • Managing Your Transition (Course# TGPS-US001, Length: 1.5 hrs.) Watch presentation. Note: you will need a Individual Transition Plan booklet from SFL-TAP to go along with this course. In the booklet, fill out Block 1 AND the pages to the specific path pertaining to your area of interest (Employment path Block 2; Education path Block 3; Technical path Block 4; or Entrepreneur path Block 5).
  • MOC Crosswalk (Course# TGPS-US002, Length: 1.5 hrs.) Watch presentation and complete MOS Crosswalk Gap Analysis in the Army Day Handout.
  • Financial Planning for Transition (Course# TGPS-US003, Length: 3 hrs.) and Transition Demographic Survey (Course# TGPS-US000, Length 5 mins) Follow course AND complete the budget worksheet by clicking on the “Resources” tab at the bottom of the slideshow and then clicking on “Spending Plan Workbook.” To get credit for the spending plan workbook, it will need to be emailed to an Army -TAP Financial Counselor. **The following information is JBLM Specific and I’m sure outdated** If you are Army please E-Mail your completed Spending Plan Workbook to Joseph Nicholson at: If you are Air Force or any other service E-Mail your completed Spending Plan Workbook to Jeffrey Lawrence at: If you would like schedule a telephonic appointment with a Financial Counselor, please call our appointment line at: (253) 967-3258.
  • DOL Employment Work Shop (Course# TGPS-US004, Length: 15 hrs.) Watch presentation and complete a resume.

How do I enroll in the courses?

Once you have found the course(s) you wish to take, click the purple “Enroll” button –> click “Continue” –> go to the “My Training” tab at the top –> scroll to the bottom and select “Launch” on the associated course. (The course title and “Launch” button will remain in the listing until you have completed the course).

After completing a course, it should transition from the “My Training” tab to the “Certificates” tab and you will receive a completion notice via email. If the course remains listed in the “My Training” tab, click the Refresh icon.

Do I receive certificates of completion?

Upon completion of a course, a certificate of completion will populate and you can print it at that time. To access and print the course completion certificate at a later date, click the “Certificates” tab and then click the icon in the “Certificate” column at the right of the course title. Your course completion certificate will display for printing and saving.

Some other random notes…

**BEFORE YOU START SFL-TAP ASSIGNMENTS** There is a “tier system” that is an SFL-TAP program concept. The tiers are 1, 2, and 3. A service member is assigned a tier based on the information that they provide during the initial appointment. For example: A junior enlisted service member with a family of four, 1-3 months of savings, no civilian education, no previous work experience will more than likely be a Tier 3. A retiree or someone in my situation will more than likely be a Tier 1. Tier 2 soldiers are those with backgrounds similar to mine but they may not have a four-year degree or only six months of savings.

Bottom line: The tiers are assigned primarily based upon information gained from your SFL-TAP initial interview. The tiers essentially dictate the type of assignments you will be required to complete through SFL-TAP. As a Tier 1 I did not have to choose a career track. Therefore my only assignments were to complete the SFL-TAP courses, the ITP, and the Ebenefits registration. Tier 2 and Tier 3 service members must select a career track and complete assignments for that specific track ie: Employment track/resume draft, spending plan/budget, and complete the gap analysis. I have friends who are also CPTs resigning and should have been designated as a Tier 1 soldier and for whatever reason, they were not. As a result, they had to do a number of extra assignments that they shouldn’t have had to do.

If you need technical assistance, contact the JKO Help Desk at or 757-203-5654, Monday – Friday 0700 – 2300 (I believe that’s EST).

For more information about completing transition courses online, contact the SFL-TAP Virtual Center at 1-800-325-4715.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you notice any outdated or inaccurate information so I can correct it–thanks!