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Embracing Minimalism, Part Four: What Works

I can’t guarantee that any of these items will be applicable to your particular path, but at the very least, they will help to place you within the same headspace we found ourselves while downsizing.

Embracing Minimalism, Part Three: In Practice

There will be plenty here that anyone can take and apply to their own personal situation–whether that’s living in a van or simply trying to reduce the amount of things they own. There might…

Finding a Way to Fly: Becoming a Reserve Pilot

Have you always dreamed of flying? Have you dismissed the idea, thinking it’s too late? Fortunately for you, I have four different perspectives to share on how to become a Reserve Component pilot.

Camping on Public Lands: Free of Charge!

Whether you are long-term RV living or doing a short road trip with a tent, these federal lands are an amazing free resource you should be taking advantage of! In this article, I’ll cover a…

Embracing Minimalism, Part One: Thoughts on Letting Go

Worse, there’s a deliberate effort to distract us from simply living a fulfilling life that’s meaningful to us. We are absolutely inundated with advertisements and consumer messaging 24/7 on the TV, radio, internet, and social media.